Thank you to our public sponsors!

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

NSERC is a government-run agency to financially support Canadian students and researchers with innovative discoveries. By supporting Canadians in their advanced studies, they help foster a community of thinkers and scientists.

Canada Foundation for Innovation

The CFI financially supports many Canadian researchers worldwide to guarantee that they have the equipment and tools they need to create and test innovative ideas.

Ontario Research Fund

The Ontario Research Fund provides research institutions (both large and small) with funding to help support their infrastructure needs like developing/maintaining advanced facilities and high-end equipment.

Thank you to our private sponsors!

DynaCare Laboratories

Dynacare designs a variety of health solutions for everyone in the health industry. They develop and organize point-of-care health-related services so your health can be diagnosed and monitored in the comfort of your own home. Dynacare facilitates collaborations between insurers and hospitals so you never have to worry.

Mobio Interactive

Mobio Interactive is an interdisciplinary company that integrates UX design, brain health, and biomedical industries to develop novel health solutions for patients. Their technology allows you to use everyday computers such as your smartphone and laptop, and transforms them into complex biosensors.